OTS Adapters in WM60

Can anyone answer any of the following questions pertaining to Off-the-Shelf Adapters in webmethods

  1. Does anyone have a list of all the OTS adapters there are for webmethods.
  2. If not the entire list atleast does anyone know if webmethods has OTS adpaters for the following applications
    a. i2
    b. Retek (v 9.0)
    c. Rational Tools (Clearcase, Rose)
    d. Yantra


These are all the adapters webMethods current release supports apart from regular adapters which fall under general support : -

Ariba Supplier OnRamp
webMethods Ariba Supplier OnRamp 1.5.1
B2B Ariba Supplier OnRamp 1.5

webMethods Baan Adapter 1.5

webMethods Connector for BEA WLI 1.0

webMethods BroadVision Adapter 1.2
B2B Adapter - BroadVision Edition 1.1
B2B Adapter - BroadVision Edition 1.0

CommerceOne MarketSite OnRamp
webMethods OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite 3.0
B2B OnRamp for CommerceOne MarketSite 1.0

Enterprise JavaBeans
webMethods Enterprise JavaBeans Adapter 1.2
webMethods Enterprise JavaBeans Adapter 1.1
B2B Adapter - Enterprise JavaBeans Edition 1.0

webMethods Informatica Adapter 1.0

J.D. Edwards OneWorld
webMethods Enterprise Adapter: J.D. Edwards OneWorld Edition 4.7
webMethods Enterprise Adapter: J.D. Edwards OneWorld Edition 4.5
webMethods Enterprise Adapter: J.D. Edwards OneWorld Edition 4.1.1

J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware
webMethods J. D. Edwards WorldSoftware Adapter 1.0
webMethods B2B Adapter - J. D. Edwards WorldSoftware Edition 1.0
webMethods Enterprise Adapter: J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware Edition 4.7
webMethods Enterprise Adapter: J.D. Edwards WorldSoftware Edition 4.5

webMethods JDBC Adapter 6.0.2
webMethods JDBC Adapter 6.0.2 (Japanese)
webMethods JDBC Adapter 6.0.1
webMethods JDBC Adapter 6.0.1 (Japanese)

webMethods MSMQ Adapter 1.5
webMethods MSMQ Adapter 1.0

Oracle Applications
webMethods Oracle Applications Adapter 3.0
webMethods Oracle Applications Adapter 2.0
B2B Adapter - Oracle Applications Edition 1.5

webMethods PeopleSoft PIA Adapter 2.0
webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter 1.0

webMethods XI Adapter 4.6
SAP R/3 Adapter 4.6
webMethods B2B SAP R3 Adapter 4.01
B2B Adapter - SAP R/3 Edition 3.6

webMethods Siebel Adapter 3.0
webMethods Siebel Adapter 2.1
webMethods Siebel Adapter 2.1 Japanese
webMethods Siebel Adapter 2.0
B2B Adapter - Siebel Edition 1.0

webMethods Adapter Development Kit
webMethods Adapter Development Kit 6.0.1
webMethods Adapter Development Kit 6.0
webMethods Adapter Development Kit 1.5

WebSphere MQ
webMethods WebSphere MQ Adapter 3.0
webMethods MQSeries Adapter 2.1
B2B Adapter - MQSeries Edition 2.0

webMethods XSLT Module 6.0.1
webMethods XSLT Module 4.6


You forgot the Mainframe adapter.

More to the question though. I remember that I2 and webMethods used to be close and there may be an I2 adapter for webMethods still available through your I2 sales person.

There has never been a Clearcase or Rational Rose adapter that I know of. However, there have been discussions on this site on how to use the change management tools in webMethods IS Administration in conjunction with 3rd party tools. webMethods Modeler is a tool similar to Rational Rose but there is no transfer capability between the tools.

Retek claims to be a webMethods partner on their website at www.retek.com/alliances/Default.asp. You should ask the Retek sales person about the adapter to webMethods. There may be an API in the Retek software that you can leverage with webMethods.

Yantra is another supply chain management software with XML, SOAP and a J2EE Application server and a webMethods partner. Yantra would work well with webMethods without an adapter. You could just send XML documents to an from other systems using Trading Networks.

It is beginning to look like you are trying to figure out which supply chain software would go best with webMethods. All of them could integrate well with webMethods. You would do better to base your decision on other factors such as which software meets your business needs.