OTN live Web Service

Has anyone out there ever tried to connect to the sample web services on Oracle Technology Network?


I got the following exception in every single case I’ve tested:
Output parameters do not conform to targetOutputSignature:
errorMessage=[B2BCORE.0082.9025]Missing Object

BUT, in the exception detail, it seems that the “respParams” has the correct result retrieved from the web service.

Which side has problem? webMethods or Oracle9i?Any information would be appreciated.

It sounds like the Oracle Web service implementations do not match the WSDL files. Technically the Oracle web services are returning “legal” Soap RPC messages, since Soap could not reference the WSDL spec, it states that the accessor name (the returned element names) can be arbitrary. Following this Soap RPC ‘feature’ would mean that no Soap RPC result could be validatable with XML Schema content rules, so mismatched WSDLs and Soap RPC implementations usually only happen out of sloppines.

To verify, you can remove the parameter to pub.client:soapRPC that defines the outputSignature (it contains the Record name that defines the WS output as described in the WSDL). If there is no output signature defined than IS will not perform validation on the WS results.

You must then look at the results and adjust the Flow Maps to deal with the data returned.

Cool! That does show the problem! Thanks a lot, Fred!

Now I’m gonna try if I can modify the WSDL to match the Soap RPC reply.