Oracle select query result validation

My environment is XP, Broker5, EI 4.6, oracle intelligent adapter.

In integration folder, after calling select configured operation, i want to call insert/update operation according to the reply…if the select query replies NULL…then will call insert else update.

Like in servlet we do -

Statement stmt = con.createStatement();
ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery(“select * from emp where empno=1”);
if (

Could someone help me how to validate the output of the select statement in wm4.6

Guys…this is what i did to check the operationstep which calls the select configured operation in a branch statement…

 int msgCount; 
 msgCount = operationStep.length; 

 System.out.println("msgCount " +msgCount); 

 if (msgCount > 0)  
  System.out.println("Call update configured operation"); 
  return true; 
 } else { 
  System.out.println("Call insert configured operation"); 
  return false; 

Hope this helps for someone who face similar issue.