Oracle JDBC adapter multi languages

IS 10.7, JDBC Adapter 10.3 (fix 18)

I have a number of insert\update adapters to an oracle database, I need to change a few to support Chinese and Japanese characters. Should add select adapters not causing any issues.

Most adapters we use are simple dynamic SQL, so it was simple to add N’${string}', but i just cant get the insert/update adapters to correctly use the correct encoding

I’ve tried to change the connection to defaultNChar=true but still doesnt work, has anyone solved this.

I would like to fix this without potentially changing connection, as this is shared with a large number of interfaced. I may need to replace the adpapters with dynamic ones

Should add we have
NLS_CHARACTERSET WE8MSWIN1252 -----suspect this is being used by adapters


I didn’t understand what you are trying to change exactly. Can you explain with an example and provide some screenshots?

For the part where you suspect a column being used by the adapter. You can increase log level to see the generated sql squery. Go to settings → logging → Adapter → 0001 JDBCAdapter. Don’t forget to change it back. It will generate a lot of entries in your log files if you keep it in debug mode.

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Its pretty straight forward, not sure screen shots will help

Dynamic insert adapter will work if i force the column by prefixing N to column string ie output example
insert into table (colA…) values (N’頂戴’,…

But i cannot get an update or insert adapter to write a unicode character into database, it will be saved as ¿¿. I need the adapters to use nchar NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET AL16UTF16 encoding.

If i was using a java prepared statement i could force the column to be written correctly. I have tried changing properties for the connection, to try the adapter to write the characters corrrectly but it does not seem to work

In the test adapter i am playing with, column is defined

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