Oracle Error Maximum Open Cursors Exceeded

You need to look at the sum of the max connections parameters for all jdbc connection pools that are signing on to that database with that particular user and make certain that it is below the user profile max on the database. You also have to take into consideration any additional users (people) and applications that might sign on with the same user and make allowances for them as well.

We use an EAI user that does all of our polling notifications and keep the max connections total about 10 or so below the profile. So on that end, we are reasonably safe. It’s the target system where you are doing updates that you can run into problems. If you can create an EAI user there as well and grant insert/update/delete on the target tables to EAI, then you can manage that end as well. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep your max connections well below the profile max to allow for other users/systems.

You can still get warnings if IS wants to create connections above the max, but the updates to the target system will wait till an available connection frees up.

What is your IS and TN version? Please check the articles in webMethods Advantage site. There are some fixes related to open cursor problem.

As Fan says, check the advantage website. There are a couple fixes that might help you.

One other adjustment, Oracle is notorious for setting the open_cursors too small for average DB operation. Depending on the transaction volume and server size, 10,000 open_cursors should be ok.

Jim Palmer