Oracle Applications Adapter: support multiple versions?

I know I use the setting watt.WmOAAdapter.additionalVersions to add support for Predefinied Transactions for 11.5.10 or 12.06.

Is there a way to be able to have both “OA Release 11510” and “OA Release 1206” appear on the Oracle Apps Release pulldown list?

I’ve tried these with no luck:
watt.WmOAAdapter.additionalVersions=11510 1206 adds a single entry “OA Release 11510 1206”
watt.WmOAAdapter.additionalVersions=11510,1206 adds a single entry “OA Release 11510,1206”

Adding two lines to the Extended Settings box:

also didn’t work. When I saved the settings, the “11510” line was erased and only the “1206” line was saved.

Thanks for any help!

try this and see

watt.WmOAAdapter.additionalVersions=11510, 1206

No luck. That gives “OA Release 11510, 1206”

I did a bit more experimentation and found it: the semicolon:


gives two separate entries “OA Release 11510” and “OA Release 1206”

It is good that u got it…

I see it noted in SoftwareAG IS Administration guide under Server Configuration Parameters section…

Thanks for updating back this thread: