Oracle Applications Adapter 3.0 (11.5.7 version) Use with 11

Has anyone had any experience installing the Oracle Applications Adapter designed for 11.5.7 with Oracle Apps 11.5.9?

(I know its like sticking a square peg in a round hole, but we don’t have much choice as we need to have a whole set of integrations to Oracle Apps by January. )

If you’ve had experience, what types of issues did you run into and is it better to just build user-defined transactions or try to customize the pre-defined transactions to work with the new version?


It is possible that some of the transactions might work as is. However, the transactions were built based on the structure of the 11.5.7 database tables, and will most likely require changes to accomodate those differences. FYI, a set of predefined transactions for Oracle Applications 11.5.9 is currently under development, targeted for Q3 2004.

I have tried with OrderManagement Package for creating PO. It works fine with little modification in stored procedure which used to call the transaction.
But i have issue of performance, i’m not sure whether this is due to change which i have made.

Have you tried creating PO and how is performance ?

I don’t know if modifications you made to the stored procedure have slowed performance, but you might want to try the 11.5.9 transaction and see how it performs in comparison. The 11.5.9 transactions are now available for the Oracle Applications Adapter 3.0 in Feature Pack 1.

-David Overos