Oracle Application adapter 3.0

Hi All ,

i am using IS6.0, Orcle Apps 11i and oracle adapter 3.0
we are doing one-to–one comunication
i am trying to create adapter services

i want to use the receive service
i have configured the oracle adapter3.0
i have created the new instance in oracle adapter(OracleDBcONNECTION)
and what next

where to give the table name bcoz i want to insert the data in the oracle apps table,
can some one help me how and what steps i need to do to create a succesfull services

Thanks in adavnce

Problem solved, when i generated the service the screen say your trans name not registered but when i go back to developer i can see the folder and the service generated in that folder so now i can generate the service properly Thanx

Hi… Can you please suggest the way to invoke Stored Procedure(with input/output) using Oracle Apps Adapter?
We have created a transaction and then created an Oracle Apps Adapter Service but when we run the service, we are getting below error?
“[ADA.400.118] $dbProcSig missing from transaction definition.”

How do we specify signature of the SP in Oracle Apps Adapter implementation?

Any direction in this regard would be a great help.
Thanks and RegaHirds