Oracle 9i OCI driver

We have a 9i rac implementation that I have successfully used the built in thin client to connect to. Is there an OCI driver available or a way to make TN work with an OCI driver?


Have you tried loading the from Oracle (contains the thin and OCI drivers I’m pretty sure) into the classpath and making sure the 9.2.0 client in in the PATH?


You can use it. I guess regardless of versions if you have then for OCI (Oralce.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver - Please check it.) its the same class name to refer as wMDB adapter you use it.

Or you can directly use the different URL then thin jdbc URL.
(jdbc:oracle:oci:@“your db name”)

But this means you are using JDBC-OCI not the direct OCI ( c calls). I dont know how much performance improvement you will get if thats your goal is.


Hi Chris - Just out of curiosity, what is driving your requirement to use the OCI driver for TN’s backend? We’ve used the OCI driver for executing complex stored procedures that require arrays as input and output. But we have never looked at using this driver for TN as well.


Yes, according to our resident DBA - thin drivers do not take advantage of the failover abilities of an Oracle RAC implementation which is what we are rolling out. If anyone has had any experience with this scenario any additional input would be greatly appreciated.


Way too much hassle. Going with a high availability SQL cluster. Looked like Sequelink was going to be the only solution and I have never liked running that thing, the thought of trying to get it properly configured over multiple RAC nodes without even gaining the failover abilities of OCI - well it became a nobrainer. WebMethods support just wanted us to reinstall. Good answer, guys… (NOT!)