Oracle 9i client on Enterprise 5.0 - polling options?

One of our integrations has recently switched over from an Oracle 8i to an Oracle 9i server. We’ve installed the Oracle client software (no JDBC adapters used) and have noticed that when there’s a time interval of 1.5 - 2 hours, the next transaction to go to Oracle would encounter a connection timeout error. I know that when configuring a JDBC adapter, you can set a polling inverval that would check on the existing connections and keep the connection alive if needed.

Is there any similar feature when using the Oracle client software on Enterprise? I can’t find any information and believe that this polling interval is in need of adjustment on our servers.



Hi Paul, we are facing similar issue with JDBC 4.6. Do you know how it can be solved?

Was not sure if the issue could occur with Oracle Intelligent Adapter too. We have seen it mainly when we migrated from oracle 4.1.1 to JDBC 4.6.

We do not face this issue if we use JDBC 6.0.3 where we can set a min pool value of 0.

Have you checked the Oracle Server to determine if these connections are being released there?