OR Condition in Search

Hi All,

When we add multiple search parameters in the Search dialogue, a new parameter by default uses ‘And’ condition.

Is it possible to have ‘Or’ condition also, e.g. name = ‘ABC’ OR name = ‘XYZ’ ?


Hi RG,
unfortunately, this function is not available from the Query builder in Centrasite 3.1. You have to get to know XQuery and then you could formulate such a Query.
On the other hand, building such a query from the UI is available in the just-released Centrasite ActiveSOA product.

Isn’t is also possible via the 3.1-UI defining a custom condition?
Just an idea.


Using the Show Query icon in the Search pop-up, We can convert the search conditions to corresponding XQuery. There the condition can be changed from ‘AND’ to ‘OR’.

However, the output result is not very friendly for a business user.


Couldn’t you extract the or-portion of the condition you see in the XQuery tab into a custom condition to use it in your advanced search?

Thanks Guido,

With little effort, I was able to do this.