OpenTask() not working with Genetic Portlets


We have migrated two different CAF/BPM applications on the same server, now we are facing issue as Task List management shows task from both the applications.

Hence we though of creating a custom task list management portlet which will be similar to inbuilt Task list management.

Although we have created the Custom TLM, but now we are wondering how to open the task on the click of TaskID.
As the custom TLM is a Generic Portlet and not a task portlet hence the openTask() method is throwing an error as it is not able to recognize the methods.

Could you please let me know how we can use the openTask() methods in a non task portlets or is there another way of achieving this functionality ?

Thanks in advance for your help.?


Hi Prateek,

Before migration, are you able to open the ‘task view page’ for the tasks in the respective MWS servers? If yes, then after the migration also, the tasks should open the respective ‘task view’ pages.

In any case, if you would like to get & display task information in non-task portlets, the getTask method in the Task webservice can help.

Kind regards,

Hi Raj,

The issue has already been resolved, we have extended the Task APIs and its interface in java to get the appropriate data, and now open task() is working as expected.

Thanks for your response.