OpenSSH vs JCraft

Hello All,

We are in the process of building sftp solution for our clients. Our initial investigation shows that we have two packages OpenSSH and WaSFTP, which are not supported by SoftwareAG and free are available.

Can someone provides the comparision between the two packages and which one is the best?

We are in the process of building generic sFTP solution for all our clients. Some partners are looking for key based authentication and some are looking for username / password.

Anyhelp in this regard will be a great help.


Another option to consider…

We have successfully used an SSH Java library. It was originally called Ganymed, then it was Trilead, now it’s back to Ganymed.

You’ll want to create an IS package that uses this library and will need to write some Java services to expose functions to other IS-hosted services. But doing so is not difficult.

The library supports password and key authentication.

Good luck!