OpenCAF on MWS 9.5


I am using MWS 9.5 and wondering whether I can use OpenCAF on it or not. Does it require any license from SAG to develop any application based on OpenCAF?

Please advice.


Sorry, OpenCAF isn’t available in MWS 9.5

It was first available in MWS 9.7 as a preview and officially supported in MWS 9.8 or later.


OpenCAF doesn’t require any license.

@Eric - Was exploring the options available on OpenCAF; have one query.
Migrate to JSF 2.x will update the project to OpenCAF, wanted to know, is there an option to undo the update and bring back the state of project back to the state prior to migrate ?

Thanks in advance

Sorry, the migration is only in one direction. Migration from OpenCAF back to CAF would be complicated and in some cases impossible due to new capabilities of OpenCAF that are not supported by CAF.

Of course, you can restore the project from a backup if you change your mind or better yet from a previous version in the history of your source control system.

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