OpenAPI specification using Salesfoce Query (SOQL)

Hi Gurus,

Just like to know if it is possible to auto generate or manually create an openAPI specification for Salesforce Query (SOQL) resource?

As far as checked, the only available resources for openAPI specs are only for resources under sobjects.

I need to use query resource as I need to retrieve multiple records base on a field value (i.e. all records with the field status = completed should be retrieved)

I’ll be importing the openAPI specs using the REST API Descriptor.



OpenAPI specification support in IS right now is limited to importing an OpenAPI document to generate the provider or consumer.

Generating OpenAPI document from a resource is in the pipeline for future releases. But still, we haven’t considered using third party resources like SOQL resources. But this can be good addition for that feature. We’ll definitely consider this.



Just an update, I manually created an openAPI specs for query resource and successfully imported in IS. I was able to retrieve records from Salesforce using my query but I still have issues on the response. It appears content of the response are not being encoded properly even adding conent-type or encoding properties in the openAPI specification.


Thanks for the update.
On the response thing, not all content-types are supported out of the box for OpenAPI. At present, XML, JSON, Plain text and text/xml are ones supported.

What exactly is the problem you faced with response encoding.


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Hi @suke ,

Please see below un-encoded characters (i.e %2F, %3A and + sign) in the response data. There are more of these within the response data.

In the open API specification, I’ve tried to play around and add some encoding properties but so far no luck. I recently added below value but data are still not being encoded in the response


Apologies for the late reply.
Can you please get a brainstorming ticket created for us to investigate this further.

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