Open source broker to replace webmethods broker

Hi all,

I’m not too familiar with the webmethods broker. Due to constraints, we are not able to adopt the webmethods broker. Can I check technically how feasible if we want to adopt open source broker like proteus to replace webmethods broker? Is it achievable?

Yes and no.
For totally replacing WM broker without much coding, it’s not easy. Wm broker is just tightly integrated with all other WM components.

But, if you just want queuing, it’s yes. We use JMS queue in Jboss, WM as both publisher and consumer of the queue, works fine with hugh throughput.

Uhmmm not at all.

Broker is something else than a JMS provider. wM concept of documentType will work only with IS local publish and broker.

If local publishing is fine with you, and you do not need a remote Broker that’s fine. But many functionalities would require publish doctypes.

Now when it comes to regular JMS pub/sub webMethods support ONLY the following providers ( page 189)

As you can see while talking about OpenSource only Jboss fits here.
Other might work but you better do not have a problem and need to contact support.

Aside from price contraints, why aren’t you able to use wM Broker?