open portlet as popup from a main portlet

Hi all,
I have two portlet on my project: A and B.
My need is to open the portlet B as popup clicking on a link from the portlet A passing some parameters.

I used the Portlet Simple URL with the Extended Portlet url feature but the portlet B is displayed in the same page of Portlet A.

How I can display the Portlet B as a popup keeping the Portlet A in background?

Thanks in advance


You can try using portlet include control inside modal dialog, and toggle modal dialog on clicking a link from parent portlet.
Variables you can pass using control parameter in portlet include control.

Hi Iman,
thank for your quick reply.

I follow your instruction and now i’m able to reproduce the popup behaviour.
I try to explain better my scenario in order to know how can i set the input parameter of the portlet B

In the portlet A i can call a WS that give a list of results displayed on a Search Result Table.
For each rows i need to have a link that open a portlet B (by popup) passing 2 parameters (filename and DocID) .On load the Portlet B is called another webService using the 2 input parameter.

This feature i’m able to do, putting the portlet Simple Link on each row and binding the WS result value to control Parameter of Portlet B.

How I can do this with modal dialog ?