Only 1 SAP transaction executing at a to set more.

We’re running IS 7.1.1 with SAP 6.5 fix 14 on a Windows 2003 server.

We’re experiencing huge backups in the RFC queue in SAP (SM58) because only one transaction is executing at a time. When we were running IS 6.1, this was not the case…multiple transactions would execute at any given moment. We have 3 SAP systems each with their own listener in the adapter settings with 15 threads allocated to each.

Does anyone know where and what to change to get more than one transaction executing at a time?



I had posted to check your adapter settings, but forgot that you had specified your listener settings (15 threads).

Have you looked at these settings too in the SAP adapter:?
Adapters > SAP Adapter > View Connection

Connection Management Properties
Enable Connection Pooling
Minimum Pool Size
Maximum Pool Size
Pool Increment Size
Block Timeout (msec)
Expire Timeout (msec)
Startup Retry Count
Startup Backoff Timeout (sec)


I believe SAP Adapter connection/connection properties will not have the connection pool settings you listed above.