one way toggle link doing a page refresh on enter click

Hi All,

I have a caf webMethods view. On this view there is a One Way Toggle Link control which is showing or hiding a Hideable Panel.
It works well.


When I want to use this view with just keyboard, and the focus is on the toggle link, I press the Enter button, the hideable panel is not showing.

One thing happen, the page submit.

How can I extend the toggle link or hideable panel with some javascript code to handle the keyboard function.

I need use IE.

Thanks your answer.

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It is not interesting any more.
I did it with javascript.


Hi Zsolt,

Javascript is the best option for this requirement.

Not sure if you have implemented the same, below is a way to implement in CAF.

Add async link command and add javascript to call visible option for the hidable panel. You can add the script in “key press” block