Offload custom event properties via DataHub

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is there a way to offload custom properties added to an event via DataHub? I do not see the possibility to append them as columns during configuring the offloading pipeline.

Here you can find an example of an event with custom properties:

            "creationTime": "2023-11-21T13:55:30.890Z",
            "source": {
            "type": "a1d_customeventtype",
            "lastUpdated": "2023-11-21T13:55:30.890Z",
            "self": "...",
            "time": "2023-11-21T14:55:30.838+01:00",
            "id": "1644149",
            "text": "custom event text",
            "a1d_property_datetime": "2023-11-15T02:54:27.000Z",
            "a1d_property_01": "02",
            "a1d_property_02": "03"

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This can be done in the third step of the offloading configuration by configuring additional columns:

For details please refer to the documentation: Working with Cumulocity IoT DataHub - Cumulocity IoT Guides


Dear Michael,

Thank you for the fast reply. I knew this possibility too. However, after adding an extra column like “a1d_property_01” or src.“a1d_property_01”, the validation fails:

  "status" : "SUCCEEDED",
  "messages" : [ ],
  "data" : {
    "errors" : [ "CDHCBEE0441 - Preview computation failed: Invalid Query Exception", "Column 'a1d_property_01' not found in any table" ],
    "messages" : [ "Query schedule expression is valid. The job runs every hour at minute 9." ],
    "queryResultPreview" : {
      "rowCount" : 0,
      "rows" : [ ],
      "schema" : [ ]
    "uuid" : "35adc111-c4f5-4f43-a6b6-6550d7af1e42"

Is there any other way to specify the extra column in the “source definition” text field?

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