OEE app outputs incorrect calculations

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?

OEE App v10.10.0.3

Are you using a free trial or a product with a customer license?


What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

I have a very simple input from a machine. I get an event every ~10sec that contains a parameter of how many pieces were produced. This is ideally 9 (but could be smaller).
I tried to configure OEE app for calculation with PPQ method.
For actual production time I just use the same event with the condition that the parameter in the event is > 0. This results currently in 100% availability which is fine.

For actual production amount and actual quality amount I use the described parameter. This will for now also lead in quality being 100% which is fine.

I configured that the expected amount is 54 pieces per minute (every 10 seconds so 6 * 9) and set the resolution to 10 minutes.

I now get the following result/alarm in the OEE app (these are the numbers from the OEECalculationAlarm):

ActualProductionAmount: 4868
ActualProductionTime: 600
ActualQualityAmount: 4868
Availability: 100
AvailabilityLossAmount: 0
AvailabilityLossTime: 0
IdealAmount: 540
IdealCycleAmount: 54
IdealCycleTime: 1.1111
IdealMachineRuntime: 5408.8889
IdealProductionAmount: 540
IdealQualityTime: 5408.8889
OEE: 901.4815
Performance: 901.4815
PerformanceLossAmount: -4328
PerformanceLossTime: -4808.8889
PotentialProductionTime: 600
Quality: 100
QualityLossAmount: 0
QualityLossTime: 0

Something weird is going on in the calculation and I cannot explain where for example the negative numbers are coming from or these high 4 digit numbers.
The ActualProductionAmount should be close to 540 (IdealAmount). A bit lower as not everytime the event contains 9 pieces and the cycle time is sometimes a bit more than 10sec.

Does somebody have an idea where to look for the error?

Hi Tobias,

thank you for reaching out to us. We’ll look into this issue and let you know our results as soon as possible.


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