ODBC Adapter has no permission

My database is stored in a Network folder that my user id has access too.
I set up the ODBC Data Source on the computer where the Adapter config is running to point to the network location. When I use this DSN to link the tables in Access, it works great. When I create an ODBC adapter and give it the same DSN, it fails and I get an error that says I cannot connect to database.
Does the Adapter Config run with different security privileges than I have? Why else would this connection fail?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I am assuming you are configuring the adapter on a windows machine since you are using ODBC. Take a look at how you have configured the adapter monitor service. It is either using the system account or it is using some other specified account. You should be able to change it to your account or to some account you create for the adapter service. The alternative would be to configure the network location to allow the system account access.

Good luck and let us know how you solved it.

Andreas Amundin

Thanks a lot!
I opened up Services in the control Panel,
Double Clicked on ActiveWorks Adapters 4.0,
Clicked on the Log On Tab,
and entered my account name.

I really appreciate the prompt and helpful response!