Obtaining Webmethods Deployer & ABE stand alone

Hello everyone,

Our organization is currently using Webmethods API Gateway version and Software AG Command Central 10.11 our production environment.

We are trying to automate promotions using Webmthods deployer & ABE, and at this point we don’t need the ESB.

My question is do we need to obtain or get the ESB in order to get the deployer & ABE or can we get as stand alone?

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Hi Abdul,

You may still need the IS (ESB) that comes with OOTB - WmDeployer/ABE assets in the deployment environment. But please touch base with your SAG acct rep also.


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Actually you might not need Deployer and ABE. API Gateway supports multiple ways of promotion of assets - webMethods.io API Gateway - CI/CD Devops - Knowledge base - Software AG Tech Community & Forums.

You may refer to the above link.

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