Objects convert between IS and JMS API client


Now, we want to create Broker Client using JMS API to communicate with IS. We publish the basic type data(such as String) or fixed Structural data from JMS API client and received by the IS trigger service successfully. But now, we want to create the Message Envelope Document Type(Please see the attached screen shot for the detail) with an Ojbect type Content, and it may be a simple String, a Bytes content or any Structural data. As we can not use the Object type in JMS API, so we tried to use the writeObject() and readObject(), and this can work fine between the JMS API clients, but we can not convert it to the IS Document in IS. And now, the approach we are using is to serialize the structural content to XML string in JMS API client, and then convert it to Document in IS. So would you please share your experience and you suggestions? Thanks a lo.t
ESB Structural Msg.jpg