Object Type System and subtypes

Trying to define a NATURAL Application in PREDICT and unclear about SYSTEM types:
A=Application Library
O=Compound Application
I have subsystems withing the application (all in the same NATURAL library).
It seems only type=A can have implementation pointer;
Only type=B can be children of type=O;
How do I link type=A to type=B/O?

Hi, Gene. I haven’t played with compound applications since their release, and that was without the involvement of Predict, but perhaps a pointer to the documentation will help.

Natural for Windows → Remote Development Using SPoD → Managing Applications → Connecting and Disconnecting Base Applications

Thanks Ralph. However I believe this applies to NATURAL and not PREDICT.
Now I am on the mainframe, but there are three types of “SYSTEMS” that apply here w.r.t. PREDICT obj types.
Only type “A” = application can have an implementation pointer.
Only type “O” = Compound can have SY to SY relationship, and they must be type “B”.
Type “B” = Base cannot have implementation pointer nor SY to PR relationships (for type “A” only).

So maybe you can see my dilemma on how I define subsystems.
The only thing I can think of that would kind of work is to define each subsystem as an application.
That way I can have the implementation pointer and link to program objects.
I would like to be able to tie all the subsystems (i.e. Type “A”) together as a “Full Systems”.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks. :idea:

I stand corrected w.r.t. type “B” systems having relationship with programs.
There are two relationships available:

  1. System has components PR - relation type CP. Not permitted for type “B” only type “A”.
  2. Systems uses PR concept - relation type PR. This one is permitted for type “B”.
    So it is a start.
    But the next issue is tying this to XREF data and Library Structure.
    I have tied the the library structure to the library and steplib but link to library is type “A” again.