Numeric Overflow SQLException when trying to open session log on wM 9.12


after we have now completed our migration from 8.2 via 9.5 to 9.12 and went productive today with the last interface, we now encounter the following error when trying to open the Session Log for one of the instances:

2019-08-30 17:25:31 MEST wm.server.query:getPartialLog [BAA.0002.0000] Wrapped Exception: java.sql.SQLException: [SoftwareAG][Oracle JDBC Driver]Numeric overflow.

Does anyone have an idea what is going wrong here and how to get rid of this?


Hi Holger,

I have seen a similar kind of issue with the messaging logs on IS 10.3 (and fixed by SAG due to the product bug) and never seen this issue on wM 9.12 IS with my setup.

May I know if you are on the latest fix levels of IS?

From my past experiences, the exception you are seeing looks like a result of missing “Database Component Configuration” - Migration activity for specific function. I am not sure if it is a side-by-side migration or an on-top migration but if it is on-top migration, were IS product components DB assets “migrate” action done to right fix level?

I seconded what Prasad Pokala has mentioned here. When applying fix level to any component, it consists of two parts: Updating binary through SUM, and the other part which sometimes optional is updating the database schemas in DBCC. For example in particular IS core fix update, you’re required to do both to ensure that binary and the database schemas are always up to date to avoid such issues. I’ve observed in the past that sometimes the administrator forgotten or not aware this step is required to be done.


thank you all for your replies.

Here are some more details:
Currently only of out of 8 instances is affected spread over several layers (Dev, Test, QA, Prod).
And I am pretty sure that all of them have the same fix level and also the databases were updated accordingly.
Affected Instance is one of the 2 productive Instances.
The issue started to occur after we activated the last interface in the process of finalizing our migration from 8.2 via 9.5 to 9.12 with additional OS migration from Windows Server to Oracle Solaris and DB vendor migration from MS SQL Server to Oracle Database.
But internal wM tables were created from scratch and only custom datat stored in separate schema were migrated.
It was always a side-by-side migration.

This last interface has external Partner involved which is sending RosettaNet messages via ReverseInvoke (Enterprise Gateway) to internal TN/RN-hosting IS.

IS Core is Fix 22 for wM 9.12.



I am not sure if this is currently an issue, but for today viewing session log works for me on the previously affected instance.

Might have been some soft of temporary glitch.

I will have an eye on this.