Number of RI connections

In wM 6.0 platform what is the optimum number of Reverse Invoke Connections for the internal server to the Reverse Invoke server? I am hearing this number can be a bottleneck based on the volumes and frequency of transactions.

Also, is there a limitaion of http headers getting chopped off and issues with large file (how large??)handling in Reverse invoke (wM 6.0) setup.

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We started with 6 per RI server and worked our way up.

We had two RI servers and two internal Integration Servers (clustered). We crossed our connections so that each Internal server had 3 connnections each to both RI servers. The RI Server will check each connection and if busy will move on to the next connection.

We ended up with 10 connections per RI server for a total of 20, split between the two internal servers.

No way to tell unless you perform some benchmark testing using a good tool like winrunner.

The http headers don’t get “chopped” off, but they are removed for security purposes. Also, RI servers will not support FTP or SMTP pass-through sessions. We used Large file handling without any problem.



Hi Ray,

I have a peculiar problem. And I am not sure what could be the cause of it.

We are migrating users from older EDI solution that used to submit data using a generic java client to a servlet to webMethods.

In The generic java client, data is being sent by using a URL object, and writing data to a printwriter that has been created using.

PrintWriter printwriter = new PrintWriter(urlconnection.getOutputStream());

If the URL Points to internal server directly, we get the Stream as well as variables passed using URL in following format:

But when I point the java client to Reverse Invoke server, I get only the Stream, i do not get the user and password variable.

what could be the cause?

Thanks for your quick response. Pls help me understand “The http headers don’t get “chopped” off, but they are removed for security purposes”

These http headers we might want to retain as it carries information for certain standards and protocols like web services, RosettaNet processing.

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How may connections do you maintain between your servers?



Thanks for your response.
we have 10 connections to each RI from each node.