i’m using developer and designer 7.1

on integration server i set up a service for inserting information into database. (service generation). the service (insertNewOrder) works fine in developer. after that i created a provider webservice which calls the insertNewOrder Service and the consumer webservice. the execution of the consumer webservice also works fine in developer.

i designed a process in which this webservices is called, build up and debugged. while debugging process asks for the input values, which is correct and all steps are successfull.

the new order was inserted into the database but all values were NULL.



Check the mappings from the webSerice input to your database insert service . It looks like they are not getting passed properly to the insert service . You can use save pipeline and restore pipeline services to debug .


when i check the values in the pipline (in developer) it’s all ok. i got the right values in the database. problem exists only in the designer.

may be it’s a wrapping problem in designer, i read that wrapping for process only works when it’s uploaded to the my webmethdos server.

it was a mapping problem. i didn’t clearly defined in- and output for the different steps in the designer.

in developer the service worked cause of the direct input of the variables for the service.
in designer the inserted values were not transmitted to the next step so the null values where written into the database.