Null value in 3C3 Document.


When i am calling the wM service i hv and 3C3 xml which does not have any null value, But when the document is inserted into trading network i.e my internal document has the null character in 3C3 xml and so does the receiver document.

As it happens on random its very difficult to trace or simulate. when i traced service with the xml inputs then its not going as null so it becoms diffucult to simulate it.

So just want to know if anyone has seen this kind of behaviour and if yes pls let me know how do i resolve this issue.

Any help is appriciated.


HI Atul,
Can you please explain the scenario a little more clearly?

What service are you using?
Are you acting as the 3C3 Sender or Receiver?
What fields do you see that have the unexpected values?

Hopefully, I might be able to help you out with this!
Raghu Krishnan

Hi Raghu Krishnan,

Thanks for your response.

I am 3C3 Sender, i get the xml from my backend application and then do pub.web:stringToDocument to get node
and then do documentToRecord with record “Pip3C3InvoiceNotification”
and then call with 3C3 record created above as input.

This processDocument creates internal document in tn and that document containg null value.

following is the null tag.


Please advice of you have seen this issue.