Null user or password not supported in THIN driver

Hello all.
Trying to use a “Database Alias” with the B2B Server Database Adapter to connect to an Oracle 8i Database (jdbc thin driver).
I’ve set up the alias (including the DB URL, DB Username & Password, and the DB Driver).
When I try to make connection using the DB Alias, either in the browser-based admin tool or in the Integrator Client, I get the following error message.
“Null user or password not supported in THIN driver”.
I can connect if I pass all of the parameters individually, but not if I use the alias.
I’d be keen to hear any ideas anyone had.

Give DB URL in this format.“jdbc:oracle:thin:@DatabaseServerHostName:1521:DataBaseName” and DB Driver as “oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver”. I am not getting any error either in Admin tool or Integrator. Generally you get that error when the UserName or PassWord field is null.

Thanks for your response, Venkata. I appreciate your help.
I believe that how I’ve set up the alias is consistent with your suggestion.
The details of the database alias I’ve set up are:
Alias: [Alias Name]
DB URL: jdbc:oracle:thin:@[server]:[port]:[SID]
DB Username: [Valid Oracle Username]
DB Password: [Valid Oracle Password]
DB Driver: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
Minimum Connections: [Blank]
Maximum Connections: [Blank]
Expiration Time (ms): [Blank]

I’ve checked a few times now, and the username and password field are not, in fact null, so I’m a little stumped about the message.
I can connect using the pub.db:connect service by passing the DB URL, Username, Password and Driver. Somehow the Alias is just not set up correctly, or else it’s a really esoteric bug.

Thanks again,

I think it must be bug…

Whenever I edited the field about db connection and confirmed, that message came out. If you want to change username or password, you would delete old db-connection and make new one.