null string list in a document


Having a string representing a XML document, I invoke the following services



In my record boundNode, I have a string list that contains nothing (In the result panel, you can see the value “null” written in red). When I route it to Trading Network and I look at the content of my document, I can see that my string list contains the “null” text, i.e null.

If I use a string instead of a string list, the problem does not occurs.

Is there a way to have a tag with no value in it i.e ?

Thanks for your help

If you look at the boundNode StringList in the Result tab of B2B Developer/Integrator and you click on it, does it show numbered line(s) of data each with the value “null” or does it just should the word “null” with no line numbers?

If there are line numbers then it is really a String[] with each value a null.

WmPublic pub.web:recordToDocument generates XML for both keys that have all values as null and String with zero-length-string