nSessionAttributes - Need help!!

Hello! I did some research, but seems the javadocs are a bit out dated for nSessionAttributes. I am trying to set everything needed for SSL connection and the current docs state that setTrustStore takes one attribute, but mine shows two in eclipse(.setKeystore(arg0, arg1);).

Linke for doc showing one: http://um.terracotta.org/universal-messaging-webhelp/Doc/java/classcom_1_1pcbsys_1_1nirvana_1_1n_admin_a_p_i_1_1n_s_s_l_interface.html#a3f704ccf527ba6842347d89a7b90773d

Does anyone have sample code on this area?

I originally looked at the following http://um.terracotta.org/index.html#page/universal-messaging-webhelp%2Fco-jmsclientssl.html%23 and can someone let me know what the data type connectionFactory is?

Thank you!!

Hi Justin,
That web site is being retired, and the documentation link is not the latest. Try this link instead: https://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/onlinehelp/Rohan/num10-2/10-2_UM_webhelp/index.html
Regards, Jane.

Thank you Jane!