Now Available - Cumulocity IoT Usage Statistics Application


The Cumulocity IoT Usage Statistics Application is now available for testing purposes via a public preview. This application provides you with consumption data relating to your usage of Cumulocity IoT, including metrics such as device count, microservice computation resources, and more. The Usage Statistics Application has been created by the Cumulocity IoT R&D team to support better transparency, and we are releasing it in a public preview phase to collect your feedback.

You can install the Usage Statistics Application via the Blueprints functionality offered with Cumulocity IoT 10.16 and higher. Review the installation guide below for more details.

The Usage Statistics Application is still actively in development and this release should be considered a preliminary public preview of the full application. The release should not be considered finalized software and exists solely for the purpose of collecting feedback. The tool is provided as-is and is without warranty or support. It does not constitute part of the Software AG product suite.

Application Highlights

There are three key features of the Usage Statistics Application:

  1. Device Statistics - Calculates the device classification for each device connected to the selected tenant, giving you greater ability to investigate the amount of data each device is sending to the platform.
  2. Microservice Statistics - Provides the resources used for each deployed microservice to enable you to identify areas of optimization.
  3. Tenant Statistics - Showcases other data points related to tenant consumption, including metrics such as total storage used and subscribed applications.

To view the data, the user can select both a month and a tenant Note that parent tenants can view data from child tenants. In addition, all data can be exported to CSV for analysis outside of Cumulocity IoT.

More information about each feature can be found below.

Device Statistics

Device Statistics gives you the ability to configure and analyze classification of your connected devices. In this context, a device is any inventory object that has at least one measurement, event, or alarm over a month. You are able to investigate the total number of measurements, events, and alarms that each device sent during a given month on the selected tenant. In addition, you are able to set custom classes based on the average frequency of data being sent, along with predefined thresholds per class.

Microservice Statistics

Microservice Statistics enables you to view your deployed microservices and their resource usage. When a microservice is subscribed to a tenant, it requests a certain amount of CPU computation power and memory capacity. Whenever the microservice is active, Cumulocity IoT will allocate these resources to ensure the microservice can run appropriately. Via the Usage Statistics Application, you can investigate the resources used by your deployed microservices. In addition, you have the ability to defined custom categories and thresholds for your microservices. Some microservices, such as Streaming Analytics, have a default category applied.

Tenant Statistics

Tenant Statistics grants you access to other metrics associated with tenant usage in Cumulocity IoT. This includes data for storage, API requests, and other methods of counting the number of devices connected. You can also view the subscribed applications for the tenant, which includes both microservices and UI applications.

Limitations & Roadmap

As previously stated, the Usage Statistics Application is available as a public preview. It is not final software and is actively being developed based on your feedback. New versions of the application will be made available as updates to the blueprint. A full release of the application is planned for 2024 after implementing your feedback.

Please note that Google Chrome is the recommended browser for testing purposes.

Ideas & Feedback

The goal of releasing the Usage Statistics Application as a public preview is to collect your feedback. Please share your feedback via the Cumulocity IoT Feedback Portal.

Installation Guide

Cumulocity IoT 10.18+

  1. Navigate to the Administration Application
  2. In the left rail, select EcosystemExtensions
  3. Find and select the Usage Statistics Application blueprint
  4. Review the package overview and hit Deploy application
  5. Your tenant will now be subscribed to the Usage Statistics Application

Cumulocity IoT 10.16+

  1. Navigate to the Administration Application
  2. In the left rail, select EcosystemApplications
  3. Select the Packages tab
  4. Find and select the Usage Statistics Application blueprint
  5. Review the package overview and hit Deploy application
  6. Your tenant will now be subscribed to the Usage Statistics Application

Cumulocity IoT 10.15 and Earlier

As the blueprint functionality only became available with Cumulocity IoT 10.16 onwards, we cannot guarantee we will be able to grant you access to the Usage Statistics Application. Please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Cumulocity IoT sales / support contact to determine how to proceed.

Future Updates

New versions of the Usage Statistics Application will be released as updates to the blueprint. When they are available, you will find the updates ready for installation directly in the Administration Application.


Many users have been asking for greater transparency with usage metrics in Cumulocity IoT - the Usage Statistics Application is the first step in our journey to provide you with this important data. We hope that you use the application to begin to look into your usage metrics and provide your feedback. In the future, we will be iterating on the application to implement your feedback, with the goal of ensuring you have adequate transparency for your usage of Cumulocity IoT. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as we continue to build this application, so please reach out with any comments or ideas. Happy analyzing!