Notifier Update Operation

I am working on Enterprise Integrator 4.5.2, ODBC Adapter 4.1.1

I created a Notifier Update Configured Operation and a respective Update Configured Operation that talks with MS SQL 2000 server.

In Notifier Update Configured Operation, I have selected to return all the columns of a table on updating a record.

In My Update Configured Operation, I am updating the some columns of a table including primary key column value. Its like this SQL statement.

Update <table> set column1=‘aa’,column2=‘bb’,pk_column=‘value2’ where

When a row gets updated, the Notifier will get triggered and will return the new updated row (aa,bb and value2) that is visible when I run the ODBC Adapter in debug mode in Adapter Configuration.

Now how Can I get the old value of pk_column ‘value1’ from the Notifier, so that I can map to the “where clause” of the Update Configured Operation.

Any tips would be highly appreciated.