notification in Siebel

I am new to using the Siebel adapter, Whenever customer data is inerted in siebel I want to publish it, which is similar to Basic notification in JDBC. Can you please tell how to use notifications in Siebel.

Thanks in advance,


I suggest you read the Siebel Adapter User guide and the IS User guide. These trivial questions will be answered there.

The approaches for notifications in Siebel somewhat depend on the version of Siebel in use and the Siebel integration options installed.

If you have a capable (and available) Siebel development team, they can build a 100% Siebel solution that will post XML or Soap messages to IS. If you either don’t have a Siebel team or want something less intrusive there are other options including using only the JDBC adapter to monitor Siebel database tables.