Not showing Process Instance in MWS

Hello All,

I am creating one BPM it was build and upload successfully in designer.I am also enabled BPM in MWS.I am creating one published document type in developer and it is also published to the broker but it was not coming on the process instance in Monitor (MWS). If you have any idea for regarding this issue.please help me.

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Hi Premsai,
Is there anyway that you can find that the process instance was triggered? You can see the logs in IS.

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Ninad Patil


Check if the document you published is consumed by the Subscription trigger of process in IS logs.


Two places to check…

  1. Check in the IS server log if you can see the process instance id logged
  2. If logged, and you still do not see the instances, in your designer, check the minimum logging level of the process model from the ‘Run time properties’. If it is set to ‘None’, you will not see. Increase the logging level.