Not connecting to the right Sybase database.

We have a lot of Sybase databases on a server and there are several that run on the same port with different database names. The problem occurs when trying to connect to a specific database on a port that has multiple databases. Even though I specify the database name in the adapter connection, the adapter connects to a different database, and it is always the same database that it connects to. I can specify any database on that port and it always connect to the same database. This is only a problem when there are multiple databases on the same port.

Here is some information on the environment.

Using jconn2.jar located in the IntegrationServer/lib/jars.
Interation Server 6.1 sp2
Java version
Running on UNIX.

Adapter connection parameters:
DataSource Class - com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDataSource
serverName - name of the server
databaseName - SO_N_BUPDTST
portNumber - 49152
networkProtocol - Tds

Also tested this with just a java script and found the same thing.

Any help is appreciated.

Hmmm. This would seem to be a job for your friendly neighborhood Sybase DBA. If you can reproduce this from a standalone Java class, its not an IS issue, IMHO.