Not able to view BPM Process

WM Forum Members,

I have BPM process running in WM 9.7 and OS AIX and it is working fine in production env and even able to view process flow and process instance/business process in MWS console.


  1. How to open same process flow diagram in designer console?
  2. Which file i need to import in designer so that i can view BPM process flow?
  3. Pls share path of file location?

Import the process project directly in to designer. Makes sure the below file exists in your process project

  • .project
  • build.xml
  • .process

Thanks Mahesh,

Can you please share path or directory for below mention files

  • .project
  • build.xml
  • .process

These BPM flow design by developer in designer in our server which is installed on OS AIX(IBM Unix box) so where i need to look these files

Little bit new to BPM, mean while going through BPM documentation.

I don’t think you can do this easily (it’s not impossible though).

What you see in MWS is the result of build & upload from the Designer. But in the Designer you work with source files (.process and others) which you don’t directly have in MWS (*). In MWS you have them in a “compiled” form.

It’s like a source code of a program (e.g. in C) and the executable file produced from it.

(*) It’s not 100% correct, that’s why I wrote it’s not impossible.

I am unable to locate these files in my OS AIX unix box file system where WM 9.7 version has installed, where as some developers told me that while writing BPM flow these files will store in local computer of users or there work space.

So it is not possible to get these files for BPM flow which is running in production env?
this is totally bottle neck situation, what if scenario arise where i need to enhance existing BPM flow?

  • .project
  • build.xml
  • .process

Is there any work around for this issue ?

As written before the process on the server is the result of a build an upload process, the servers do not store the “source code” which are the process models. Like with a compiled language (e.g. C++), there is no straightforward way to get the original model.
The process models are originally stored in the Designer workspace (=eclipse workspace) of the developer. Best practise is to version them using a VCS. If there is no standard VCS used in your company you need to search/contact the original developer or find the location he store those files.

If the process file is lost and can not be recovered, the following thread may help, but the procedure described there is not supported and at your own risk:

Hi Vinay,

I will not answer the question that you asked, but I’ll tell you my experience. There were few models we did not have source files, then i got the process file database (BLOB from WMPROCESSDEFINITION), pasted in textpad and saved as .process file (type is xml), then create a project with same name, for example, your process key is “project1/bpm1” then, create project with as project1 and import this file bpm1 to this project, that’s it you all set to make working copy. you just ignore build.xml file it has nothing to do in your case. Dont forget to map process db and MwS in designer accordingly.