Not able to view all the tabs after installing CentraSite 8.0 CE


I’ve installed CentraSite 8.0 in my system.

But after installation i am facing the below issues.’s allowing me to view only 2 tabs- System Management and System Management View.
2.It’s not displaying any tab like HOME,Assest Catalog, Policies
3. It’s allowing me do any kind of operation
4. It’s only allowing me to login with some predefined user name like Max,Macgular and not taking the username Guest.

Can anybody tell me like, anything i need to configure to see the other tab and do some operation on CentraSite CE.

Thanks in Advance



If you only see System Management and System Management View then you logged into the System Management Hub, not the CentraSite webapp.
Try http://:53307/PluggableUI as URL