Not able to trigger a Process Model 8.2.2

I created a simple flow with Receive step subscribing a Broker document. Published the document to Broker but the Process model is not invoking. Getting the below error in IS logs.

[98.9998] Exception → 0
[PRT.0101.9206] Intermediate Receive Step S28 of model PurchaseOrder_ProcessFlow/PurchaseOrder_ProcessFlow version 1 does not correlate to existing Process ID while executing trigger. Rejecting Document for TriggerStore:PurchaseOrder_ProcessFlow.PurchaseOrder_ProcessFlow.SBox:subscriptionTrigger.

Deleted the Process model , package and Broker client and redeployed it from Designer but still getting the same error.


Hi Sathish,

From the error it looks like your Receive step is not enabled to start a new process instance but instead it is looking for a correlation to join an existing process.

Not sure which palette element you have used, but can you use Palette > Activities"Receive Task" as your receive step and in the General properties tab, you have to select the checkbox which says “Allow this receive task to starts new process instance”?


Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil

Thanks Ninad,

I forgot to enable the checkbox “Allow this receive task to starts new process instance”. But i managed to trigger the process model using Palette → Events → Start Message step.


I have just started to look into BPM and I am facing a similar issue while invoking a simple process model.

The error i recieve while trying to invoke the process model is below:

2017-06-16 03:39:36 EDT [ISS.0153.0042E] webMethods Messaging Trigger POC.POC_Process.DEFAULT:subscriptionTrigger failed: [PRT.0101.9610] Could not determine the trigger for this invocation. Rejecting Document.

IS version and Designer version is v9.5

Can you please see if you could point out something which i am not doing correctly? Thanks.



Where is your start event?

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Hi Gerardo,

For receiving the publishable doc to start the process i have used Activities"Receive Task" as my receive step and in the General properties tab, I have selected the checkbox which says “Allow this receive task to starts new process instance” .
Is it necessary to use Start event and will above approach wont work? Please guide.


Hi Mayank,

please have a look at the Process Development Help Guide.
This should explain the different types of steps and which one to use under which conditions.