Not able to execute update monitoring for 6.5 version


i have created the model and able to generate the business process. when i tried to click update for monitoring i am getting this message.

IST [PRT.0101.0512W] *** Database Storage problem. Exception
: [wm-cjdbc34-0042][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

PS ::i have configured jdbc pools and i have executed the scripts in common\db\scripts also. Still getting the same problem.I did this settings also in env variables also.


Do i need to do anything apart from this.

Sounds like your table create scripts for PRT did not run correctly or did not create the tables in the right schema. Another possibility is that your JDBC pool for PRT is not connecting to the correct Oracle database or schema and therefore Modeler can not see the tables.

You didn’t mention what version of IS you are using, but it appears to be IS 6.1 and not IS 6.5. Starting with IS 6.5, there is a new oracle.bat script that creates the required database components.


Hi mark

Thanks for the quick reply .am trying to configure the modeler for 6.5 version.i ran the scripts from by runnning the batch file oracle.bat which is in common\db\scripts. i found the issue in creating tablespaces as mentioned in the batch files. i have created those tables spaces as mentioned in the batchfiles and executed the scripts again. now getting different errors. i am trying to fix those now. thanks for the help.Is there any document/pdf to configure the modeler/monitor for 6.5 version.