Not able to enable JMS trigger


I am trying to create a JMS trigger and related components in MWS and IS. when i am enabling the JMS trigger it’s throwing an error. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Found invalid name, reason: javax.naming.InvalidNameException: Must be a CompositeName

Steps to Create JMS trigger and component i am following are listed below.

  1. Creating Destination/Lookup name in MWS
  2. Creating Document Type in MWS and mapping it to earlier created Destination.
  3. Adding Can subscribe/publish permission for doc type under IS-JMS client group.
  4. Creating Durable subscriber under client using JMs connection factory created earlier and destination.
  5. login to developer and create a JMS trigger. provided Lookup name under destination, Durable subscriber name and enabled it.
  6. Go to IS page, messaging and when i check the status of jms trigger i see above error.

AFAIK issue is to do something with Destination. because when i use existing old Destination names it works fine.

PS - Our broker is setup as HA. so we have one main and fail over server.

will appreciate any help on this.

Are you trying to create a durable Subscriber ? If so, create the Topic in MWS and then do rest all at IS level.

Go to JMS connection alias and add a clientID
Create a trigger and give any name for the durable tab and see if it works.