Not able to create the broker in IS.

Hi All,

I am trying to create the broker in the IntegrationServer by using the configurations as below

Broker Host localhost:6849
Broker Name Broker #1
Client Group IntegrationServer
Client Prefix Internal_
Use SSL No

and when i restarted the Integraton Server i am getting below error.

Broker Synchronizer cannot reach the Br
oker; cannot obtain an admin transport

could any one please help me on this issue.


Did you install Broker using the webMethods Installer? If running on Windows did you check to see that the NT services for BrokerMonitor and BrokerServer are running?

It sounds like either broker is not installed or is not running.


You don’t “create” Broker from IS.
Check Broker Admin guide for details… as well IS Admin Guide and Install guide.