Not able to create siebel adapter in IS


I am receiving the below message when creating siebel adapter in IS. Eventhough the message says node is in use, I don’t see the adapter in the IS frontend.

[ART.118.5011] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to create new connection Folder1.Folder2:Siebel_eMedia.
[ART.114.30] Adapter Runtime: Unable to create node Folder1.Folder2:Siebel_eMedia in the namespace.
[ISS.0085.9061] Similarly-named node already in use

This happens when the IS allready has a Siebel Adapter made with the same name…

If however it does not list in the IS Frontend page, chances are it was deleted, but for some reason the adapter’s directory did not get deleted from the Host level…

Goto the Integration Server directory-


and search for ‘Siebel_eMedia’

If on UNIX, use find
find . -name Siebel_eMedia

Delete the directory and recreate the Siebel Adapter from IS Admin

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I had the same issue:

[ISS.0085.9061] Similarly-named node already in use…

It happened because I tried to create a flat file dictionary while the server disk was full.

Sandeep S solution fixed the issue.

Thanks for Sharing the resolution back: