No Transcation : commit and Roll back doudt

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I am uning loooping over the document list that have 10 documents that i have to insert in the DB .if i am using No transcation for each insert transaction will be commited or after inserting all document it will get inserted.
But if there is any connection problem occure between IS and Database and only 6 transactions inserted then all 6 will get commited or all 6 will be rolled back??

Note:Bacially my question is : Is No Transcation do rollback?


As per the JDBC adapter Guide–>
The connection provides no transaction control over the operations being performed. That is, the connection automatically commits (Auto Commit) all operations.[/font]

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Here you can use Local_Transcation

flow code should be as below…

start transaction
sequence (exit on sucess)
sequence (exit on failure)
–insert service
–update service
sequence (exit on done)

A No Transaction connection simply means that IS doesn’t manage the transaction. The DB does. So your calls will be auto-commit. Each call to the DB is committed as it happens. A later error will not rollback previous calls.