"No suitable driver found" error

I have just installed Business Connector 3.5.2 on our new server we are hoping to migrate to. However, when I go to the db alias management screen and enter the exact smae values as what is working with our old test server, I keep getting the error “Could not connect. No suitable driver found.” when I try to test the connection.

I have the alias name, the DB URL, username, password, and DB driver fields all filled in exactly as they are in the working environment. The DB driver is “oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver”, but yet on the test server, there is a drop-down box for “loaded drivers”. This box does not exist on my new server. I have copied the classes12.zip file into the %server%\lib\classes folder. Can anyone give me an idea what I may need to do or how I can test to see what else might be missing.

This is the only application I’ve installed on the server up to this point. PLEASE help!!


Stop BC. Move classes12.zip to %server%\lib\jars. Start BC.

Let us know if that does the trick.

I moved the classes12.zip to the jars directory and that took care of it. Thanks for all the help!!