No such file or directory error


I’m using ftp services from Integration Server to connect to a FTP server on UNIX.

Form time to time the cd command is failing with the error “No such file or directory”.
But the directory exists and the user have permission to it. When I’m trying this from the webMethods server using ftp command from Windows ( webMethods server is on windows ) the cd command always work.


Hi Constantin

Check out this thread and see if it relates to your problem:


Hi Cort,

Not really, I get the error message at cd command not at ls. And the folder is not empty.
As I mentioned from a command line is working fine, and from webMethods sometimes is working sometimes not ;-(


This is most likely due to the default IS behavior of reusing FTP sessions when connecting to the same FTP server form the same user. If an error occurs during an FTP session and FTP logout is not called, then the FTP session remains in memory. Subsequent FTP activity will use this (stale) session, which typically exhibits the behavior you’re reporting. For example, the current dir may already be the directory you’re trying to cd to, thus the not found error.

For 6.1 there is a fix available. It’s Fix23 but I’m certain it has been subsumed by subsequent fixes. Contact support to get the fix. The fix lets you force new sessions and has a background thread that cleans up any stale sessions.