No send permissions for event type

While attempting send a document to my queue I am receiving the following error.

javax.jms.JMSSecurityException: [BRM.10.5001] JMS: No send permissions for event type “JMS::Queues::GAWS_Queue” in client group “IS-JMS”

DETAILS (webMethods 7.1.2; JMeter 2.3.4):
PROPERTIES: I enabled the within the JMeter.prop file and there isn’t any SSL or encryption set on the queue.
MWS: Within Client Groups > IS-JMS, GAWS_Queue is added to Can Subscribe and Can Publish. The ACL tab has Not accessible. Broker Administrator identity required. within it.
IS: JNDI Alias is established and points to the JNDI Provider Alias and references the Lookup Name

Please see attached for further info.
Thank you for any assistance!