no result using wildcards with advanced search CentraSite


I’m using the advanced search function of CentraSite, looking for services with External Classification for uddi-org:xml:namespace is some value, f.e. After pressing on [Search] I get some results.
When I change the search to a value with a wildcard in it, f.e. or, I get no results at all. Allthough based on the usage of wildcards is permitted, also for External Classifications. A collegue of mine saw on the tab XQuery: 'cs:value = ‘’. Perhaps is should be something with ‘cs:value like …’? We tried this, but it gave an error.

Who knows how you can get results with wildcards in combination with Advanced Search?

Best regards,

Michiel Jaeger
The Netherlands


please note that wildcards are supported for keyword search only. This is why the section on wildcards in the documentation is located in teh section “keyword search”