no pipeline out variable

I am using designer 9.6 and trying to modify a service migrated from 8.0.

I see strange behaviour i.e pipeline out variable is not available to be used in next step. Please see screen shot.

please refer the attached document.

But strangely when I create a service to check this, pipeline out variable is available.

Any ideas here.

IS version:
Updates IS_9.6_Core_Fix4

No Pipeline out variable.docx (111 KB)

Hi Pawan ,

Please install , the latest designer fix for 9.6 designer and then try.
This looks like a designer issue .

Rakesh Kumar

Could you upload the corresponding flow.xml?

Thanks for help (32.3 KB)

Thanks Rakesh, It will take time and more one point to add, since the services are using not explicit mapping it is executing file.

You service is all right, I agree with Rakesh Kumar, it may be a bug of Designer.